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System Design / Consultation:

Let a Home Theater expert help you design your dream Home Theater, at the best possible price! Receive a one hour initial consulation for your home theater system design, with full access via telephone, IM, e-mail, and fax. We'll discuss your needs and budget, and start the process of working together to design your ideal theater. When the design process is complete, we provide you with a full equipment list that will not only work together well, but provide the best performance for the price.

Check out some of our past dream theater builds here:

Some of our Home Theater Builds

Why are we qualified to help you put together your dream theater? Well, our principal has these credentials:

-- Print published home theater journalist - Contributing Editor for both Stereophile Guide to Home Theater magazine and The Perfect Vision magazine.

-- Convergence Editor - introduced the concept of merging computers with home theater - for several years at Stereophile Guide to Home Theater magazine.

-- Former System Designer for Southwest Florida's top high-end custom home theater installer, designed systems ranging from $12k to $250k. Did system design for John Travolta's Florida home in 2001.

-- Builder and designer of custom home theaters since 1997 - over 20 years' experience in this field!

But we aren't like most custom Home Theater shops that you will contact - they have an incentive to sell you the most expensive, highest-margin items possible. We don't sell you the equipment for your theater. We work with you to discuss your goals, the space you have, and your budget - then we recommend to you the best system design for your budget and needs, along with a full component list and diagram. Our focus has always been on getting the best performance possible for the least money - the highest "bang for the buck" factor! We will provide you with a system design that gives you the absolute best audio/video performance for your budget and application.

If you've been fantasizing about having your dream Home Theater, but have worried that you can't afford it, then call or e-mail us now! You'll be surprised at the performance you can achieve on a relatively modest budget -- we've put together some amazing front-projection Home Theaters for under $6000 that will blow away the performance of theaters costing twice as much!

How to get started? First, fill out this questionnaire and return it to us along with your initial one hour design consultation order. If, after the one hour initial consultation, together we find that your project is larger and requires more design time, we'll give you a firm bid on the total time required for system design on your project. We'll contact you within 48 hours to get started working together on your dream Home Theater!

What is your budget?

Dimension of the room (L x W x H):

Do you have full light control of the room (can you darken it fully)?

Will the room be a dedicated theater, or a multi-use room (e.g., den during the day, theater at night):

How many people do you need seating for in the theater:

Do you have a mounting locaion available, either on ceiling or back wall, for a front projector:

Do you prefer front projector or flat panel display (90% of our theaters use front projectors):

Are you able to paint the walls of this room a dark color for optimum video performance:

Do you plan to use acoustic wall panel treatment:

Do you plan to use dedicated theater-style seating:

What is the approximate distance from projector location to the screen:
What size screen would you like to use:

What is the length of the wall the screen will be mounted on:

Do you prefer hidden (in-wall) speakers, or freestanding speakers:

How many subwoofers would you like:

Have you determined available placement for subwoofer(s):

Will equipment/components be housed in a freestanding rack, or built-in to a wall or closet? If built-in, does the location have ventilation?

Will you be using the theater for playing video games?

Will you be using the theater for web browsing?

Will you view media (video/music) via local storage/discs, streaming, or a combination of both?

Please describe what types of movies you'll primarily be watching in the theater (action, drama, foreign, etc.):

Will you use the theater for watching concerts? If yes, what % of your viewing will be music videos and concerts?

Do you want to use the system for 2-channel or multichannel music listening as well?
What % of your use of the theater will be for music only?

Do you know the meaning of 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 audio systems, and the differences between them? Have you considered which type of audio you'd like?

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a "videophile" (looking closely at small differences in video quality) would you consider yourself to be?

On a scale of 1-10, how much of an "audiophile" (listening closely at small differences in audio quality) would you consider yourself to be?

In percentage terms, how important to you is video and is audio (e.g., video is 70% important for me, audio is 30%)?

List all sources you plan to use in the theater:

If possible, send us at least 2 photos of the room you plan to use for the theater, from different angles:

Please write below more details about how you'd like to use the theater, what you'll be using it for, the space you have, and what's most important to you for your dream Home Theater:

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